26th April, a breeze (coldish wind), not that ideal for rolling mypex but patches covered over the winter, need to be exposed prior to adding manure and rotovation.

Jobs done included the erection of pea supports prior to sowing and that continuous task of weeding; typically weeds continue their onward progress of growing quicker than the specifically sown veg seeds.

Coolish night temperatures mean it’s not wise to transfer eg sweetcorn outdoors, while protected under cover the peas and broad beans are making good progress.

Fingers crossed for the sweet peas to be planted out next week and more fingers crossed the seedlings will not be eaten… please.

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A week later

A week later and initially indoor jobs were favoured due to the bitter wind. Leaves continued to be harvested, while timber and screweyes were fixed to add support for future tomato plants.

However the wind dropped and it was pleasantly warmer in the sun while carrying out repairs, improvements to the watering system and outdoor veg picked – broccoli, kale, etc.



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29th March

It’s now the end of March and work progresses well, whether it be chopping hard brassica stems to fine fibres so they can be added to the compost bin, planting strawberry crowns outdoors and picking more salad leaves grown under cover. It’s so good to see healthy green colours at this time of the year.

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Winter ending, Spring soon to come

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It is still cold, but the weather is turning. The soil isn’t so cold, the polytunnels are getting quite warm. We are just harvesting the last of this year’s crops: brussels, leeks, parsnips, but also ongoing supplies of salad leaves … Continue reading


Is winter over?

Let’s hope so, as there was definitely a touch of Spring in the air today.

Last season’s crops are coming to an end but still yielded a take-home box of veg for each household.

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15th February

Today we were blessed with dry weather and even after recent rain, the claggy soil didn’t stop us from sowing onion sets, many hands certainly speeding the work.

Feb 2018 5

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8th February

Today was the planned first meeting of the year, chiefly in order to sow onion sets, (far quicker with more pairs of hands). But an overnight frost meant the ground was too hard.


veg were harvested to provide good take-home boxes, while looking ahead to this year’s crop, the autumn-planted garlic is growing well.


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