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Beautiful Spring day during school break

Last Thursday we had an excellent turnout, including lots of children who were off school, and one grandmother. The weather was wonderful, so we had our coffee break outside for the first time this year. And we also got a … Continue reading

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Winter ending, Spring soon to come

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It is still cold, but the weather is turning. The soil isn’t so cold, the polytunnels are getting quite warm. We are just harvesting the last of this year’s crops: brussels, leeks, parsnips, but also ongoing supplies of salad leaves … Continue reading


Mid-winter at DCF

Here it is early January, a bright cold work day at the Diss Community Farm. Our coffee break is in the polytunnel, including some lovely cake and the usual speciality coffee. The Rothwell’s son Caleb was there trying out his … Continue reading

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Winter at the Community Farm

Here we are now in mid-December. We are still getting nice harvests of winter vegetables, fabulous leeks, cabbages, sprouts, parsnips and more. But we are slowing down. Much of our recent work has been preparation for the winter. This year … Continue reading

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Bean planting

For your amusement, and to show a taste of life at the Diss Community Farm, here is a very short video taken by Gary Rothwell. It is a time lapse of us all putting up the bean poles and planting … Continue reading

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Weedy leeks

When I arrived at the farm for our usual workday on Thursday, I first looked at the leeks I had been planting and watering for the past few weeks. What I saw horrified me. The whole section, my 3 rows … Continue reading

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A fine, cold Spring day

We’re well into Spring now, and the farm is doing well. The polytunnels are full of salad leaves which are currently our main harvest, but lots of seeds and other plants are in the ground too. I have put in … Continue reading

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