Here Come the Pigs!

So here they are, our tasty little escapologists! Last Saturday a few of us turned out to help Steve at Kadesh transfer our pigs from the cosy paddock with their Mum to their new home in the DCF paddock.

After much huffing, puffing, dashing about and squealing (porcine, not human) 4 piglets finally had a brand new leafy home to explore ….

….. so they promptly squeezed out of the fence and ran back to Mum! This process has been repeated countless times since, despite the anti-escape measures being upped at each attempt. Steve and I decided to give up until our electric fence arrives in a few days. Hopefully by the weekend the DCF piggies will be secure and it won’t be too much longer til they’re too big to squeeze through the spaces in the stock fencing.

There are still meat shares available if anyone wants to sign up and we have a few spaces in the pig feeding rota too so if you’d like to be involved, please get in touch.

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  1. At the moment it looks like the meat shares are all taken but a few haven’t been finalised so if anyone drops out you’ll be first on the list!

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