New partner for pig project?

If you have been following the fortunes of our pilot pig project, you will know there have been difficulties. There has been some vandalism on the site, and we have had trouble getting the fencing. Recently, the owner has withdrawn his offer to put up fencing along one side. This was the final straw, and so we have been looking for another site.

Today, a group went to visit the Kadesh Community Farm in Palgrave. It is part of Kadesh Education, which works with children who have difficulties in mainstream education. The 1 acre site houses chickens, goats, turkeys, ducks and some pigs.

We were shown around by Steve, and discussed collaboration. It is all looking very promising, and we hope to have a firm agreement very soon. They have some 3 week old piglets, and it is likely that we will get some of them when they are a few weeks older. We are hoping that we can still use the money from our Saffron grant to buy an arc and some water storage.

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