Welcome to the website of Diss Community Farm

This website will close soon, but we have a new website at https://disscommunityfarm.org/ that contains all of the previous posts and photos and some newer ones too. Change your bookmarks please!

Welcome to the website of Diss Community Farm, we are a community group                         based in and around Diss who have come together to produce food collaboratively in an ethical and sustainable way.

We have a field in Winfarthing, together with three polytunnels; where we meet to work weekly, including harvesting whatever is ready. Whoever is working that day takes home a box of freshly harvested vegetables.


See the About us and How to join page for more information.

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  1. Margaret Mittins-Ladd says:

    Sorry I would like to know how to buy shares in both veg and meat and would like to know the cost.but

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