Welcome to the website of Diss Community Farm

Welcome to the website of Diss Community Farm, we are a community group                         based in and around Diss who have come together to produce food collaboratively in an ethical and sustainable way.

We have a field in Winfarthing, together with three polytunnels; where we meet to work weekly, including harvesting whatever is ready. Whoever is working that day takes home a box of freshly harvested vegetables.


See the About us and How to join page for more information.

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15th February

Today we were blessed with dry weather and even after recent rain, the claggy soil didn’t stop us from sowing onion sets, many hands certainly speeding the work.

Feb 2018 5

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8th February

Today was the planned first meeting of the year, chiefly in order to sow onion sets, (far quicker with more pairs of hands). But an overnight frost meant the ground was too hard.


veg were harvested to provide good take-home boxes, while looking ahead to this year’s crop, the autumn-planted garlic is growing well.


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Nearly Christmas

It’s nearly Christmas, 21st December, a dull, misty day to round off the year but we each took home a box similar to this – a good final harvest for 2017.

Dec 2017 1

Happy Christmas everyone.


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16th November

I’ve had computer problems, so this is a catch-up.

Mid-November and in preparation for the next year, mypex was removed, patches rotavated and the mypex replaced.

Carrots were dug up, dying leaves of brassicas stripped and cleared, bean vines removed and the cane supports dismantled.

The amount harvested will be decreasing but as can be seen from the photos of veg shares, today we took home carrots, beetroot, rocket, turnip, cauliflower, calabrese and red cabbage.

Adding this on 11th December; we had snow yesterday.

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November 9th

In the polytunnels our salad crops look well established, while others are being transplanted to their final positions and peppers continue to ripen.

Outdoors, the green manure looks very healthy, red kale is maturing, ground is manured in preparation for next year’s crops and onions and garlic planted.

As always, many other jobs are tackled. And following from last week’s notes, the kalettes are tasty.

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A month later

The beginning of November, the weather overcast but (shouldn’t speak too soon) it’s still mild, for various outside jobs including picking brussels sprouts, digging up carrots and elsewhere adding compost.

Kalettes look ok (yet to be tasted), a few strawberry plants are in flower (!), while under cover, komatsuna are healthy and Florence fennel dug up and cleaned of soil.

Harvested cauliflowers, white watermelons and squash, again autumnal colour.

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End of September at DCF

The weather couldn’t make up it’s mind, to rain or not to rain. But in a mild temperature many jobs were tackled, much picking done (see the take-home produce) and eventually the sun appeared.

Sept 2017 7

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