Welcome to the website of Diss Community Farm

This website will close soon, but we have a new website at https://disscommunityfarm.org/ that contains all of the previous posts and photos and some newer ones too. Change your bookmarks please!

Welcome to the website of Diss Community Farm, we are a community group                         based in and around Diss who have come together to produce food collaboratively in an ethical and sustainable way.

We have a field in Winfarthing, together with three polytunnels; where we meet to work weekly, including harvesting whatever is ready. Whoever is working that day takes home a box of freshly harvested vegetables.


See the About us and How to join page for more information.

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25th April

The rain forecast for today held off, allowing us to work in the dry, eg to sow carrot and parsnip seeds.

It was decided to harvest the last of the leeks

and important news – our first asparagus spears were cut.

April 2019 18

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Adding on to Gary’s notes and photos

The rotovation was speeded up, including inside one of the polytunnels and among other jobs a raspberry patch was weeded and brassica stems chopped up to aid decomposition.


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Beautiful Spring day during school break

Last Thursday we had an excellent turnout, including lots of children who were off school, and one grandmother. The weather was wonderful, so we had our coffee break outside for the first time this year. And we also got a lot of work done.


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It’s certainly spring but there are still some frosty overnight temperatures.

Raspberry canes have been cut down and, with the help of children (off-school as it’s the Easter holidays), new strings have been added for support, in anticipation of a good crop.

Manure has been added to more patches and then rotovated in.

Of course weeds are growing, frost or not; careful weeding is needed on the patch of tiny onion shoots.

Brassica stems are removed and more broad beans sown, to replace those that vanished from an entire patch; a new problem, possibly mice?

Blackcurrant and worcesterberry bushes are in flower and yet again, we thankfully have boxes of produce to take home.

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Two weeks on

and there are plenty of salad leaves.

More seedlings including spring cabbage, were added in the polytunnel, while outdoors the autumn planted garlic is growing well amongst the straw.

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We’ve had no frosts recently. Instead, warm temperatures for February, so weeding was possible outside, as well as in the polytunnel where salad leaves are ready; we’re just waiting until there are enough for us all to share.

Compost continues to be removed from the bins (as the sign says) and distributed on the patches.

As for the “take home” boxes, they’re very welcome at this time of year, making all the hard work worth it.




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Two weeks later

Autumn-fruiting raspberries waiting to be cut down next month, illustrate we had a frosty start.

Wrap up warm and keep active. Some crops still in the ground, were uncovered to release pesky white fly that manage to sneak in/under the enviromesh.

Weeding was out of the question but leeks were dug up and sprouts and broccoli picked.


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